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Tuesday Tips: Finding the Right Hook

In order to crochet, you need to start with two things: yarn and hooks.  Without the hooks, you would basically be doing  macrame. Even a novice crocheter will quickly learn that all crochet hooks are not created equal.  Over my crochet career I have used many hooks and I will share with you my favourites (and the ones I absolutely hate!!)

Metal Hooks

These will likely be the hooks new crocheters start with, and the ones that are frequently gifted.  On the plus side, if you misplace any of this type of hook, they are inexpensive and can be found at any store – from dollar stores to big craft stores.  It did not take me long to discover that plain metal hooks are my least favourite.  Although they are insanely sturdy and conveniently colour coded, I found holding them for long periods of time caused my hands and fingers to ache.  Eventually, I ended up donating all of my metal hooks to the local schools for their crochet club.

Bamboo Hooks

For the majority of my crochet career, I have used and loved my bamboo hooks.  The bamboo seemingly molds to your fingers.  I found comfort in these hooks.  There are several downsides to using these hooks.  If you have pets, be prepared for your puppy to eat your hooks.  I went through countless numbers of hooks when my Chihuahuas were small.  Because the hooks are carved, certain yarn types my catch on the hook angles.  If you crochet tightly, the hooks may also break during stitches (i had this happen a few times while making small, tight amigurumi stitches).   I have also recently discovered that sizing differs with the Bamboo hooks…  a 3.5mm bamboo hook is not the same as a 3.5mm metal hook.

The Hooks I Currently Use

I was recently gifted with a set of Clover Amour Crochet Hooks.  It really was love at first use.  These hooks are aluminum with a soft rubber handle.   They are light weight and are the optimal shape for smooth crocheting.  The ergonomic rubber handle (which is colour coded) provides comfort for finger placement during projects.   The only downside that I have discovered is that when I am making amigurumi, I tend to use the back end of my hook to push the extra threads into the center of my project after tying off (most people sew their threads in, this is just a preference of mine).  The rubber coating that I love on these hooks does not allow for me to pop the yarn through the stitches.

With so many hooks on the market, it may take time to find a version you love.  I suggest to try as many different hooks as possible to find the right fit for you.  It is important to note the pros and cons of each type of hook when making your decision.

Happy crocheting!

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